MoPOP - Museum of Popular Culture (formerly the EMP)

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The Museum of Popular Culture (formerly the Experience Music Project Museum and Science Fiction Museum) is like two museums in one. The building that hosts both museums is located on the grounds of the Seattle Center and is hard to miss. Not only is it large, but the building is very shiny, and built in an amorphous 'blob-like' shape. Some people in Seattle like it, others (who are more politely Seattle) keep their opinions to themselves Inside the museum you'll find really interesting collections of Northwest rock bands, tributes to different music genres, interactive exhibits and a sky church. Inside the science fiction section you'll find all kinds of historical artifacts from movies to sci-fi literature. If you love Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, H.P. Lovecraft, Bladerunner, etc… this is the museum for you. The Sky Church theatre inbetween the two museums always has something interesting to show, it's a great intermission to cool your heels as you go between the museums. Since this museum is located on the Seattle Center grounds, street and private parking can be pricey and sometimes hard to find. One option is to park downtown and take the Seattle Monorail. You'll make a grand entrance as you arrive through the museum and stop just a few steps away from it. Also, if you're at Seattle Center and need to use a restroom, the ones at MoPOP are as nice as any you'll find in the area. -


Monday-Sunday: 10 am - 7 pm

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MoPOP - Museum of Popular Culture (formerly the EMP)

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